Gehna marks the launch of a young talented entrepreneur Kapil Kothari. Born and raised in a princely state, governed by rich textiles and jewels, a place world renowned for its arts and crafts; creating the finest of jeweled pieces became a passion for this talented individual from a very young age. What started as a small business from home, soon became a thriving destination for the finest of precious accessories.

With his one of a kind hand crafted, custom made pieces in mesmerizing colors and fanciful designs, His seller id Gehna.Jaipur became one of the most popular eBay store of custom made precious & semi-precious gemstone jewelry world over and even won several awards in the process. Not letting his success get to his head, he still managed to price his items at a modest rate. His primary reason for doing so being the want for everyone to be able to afford his jewelry and appreciate the work he has put into shaping it. He feels that each item he designs holds a personal relationship to him as he hand picks all the ingredients for each and every one of his creations and gets them crafted in front of his very own eyes.

Giving shape to his childhood imagination from the tales he heard of kings and queens and their talismans as well as deeply inspired by the richness of his culture and the way women adorn these jewels, he offers a unique approach to everything he creates. From rich gold to the purest of silver to Egyptian Lazulli, there is nothing that he doesn’t offer and there is yet to be a stone that he hasn’t shaped into a magnificent gem. With this new web-store he only hopes to carry his vision far and wide but creating many other exotic collectibles.






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